TerraFlux feat. Gio Mirage

by Statera

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This song refers to the capacity and directional movement of the Earth element in all it's aspects. Focusing on the fact that the Earth can move and expand by itself without the need of a second party source. Realizing that we've learned to separate ourselves from the idea of necessity. There is only our thrive and purpose in singular tense. Integrity is only viewed from an outsider's perspective.


Chapter 2: TerraFlux

There is a natural propensity to find a catalyst for the soul. A strange and ancient force that maneuvers us in a everlasting search of integration, sometimes without a transparent eyesight. We foresee our futures as beings of light and particle forwarding towards a sunrise of the unknown mystery in a harmonious manner. This whilst the possibility exist, it is a technicality known to the transient state.

In the same way water nourishes the earth, the earth holds in such way for this process to be achievable. Sometimes we think that complementary actions are necessary to solidify active concepts and that they are in a sense vital to movement and prosperity.They do posses value in what incites the intention of the beauty and damage control, but needless in a practical sense. Your shine is unmistakable, unyielding to appearances of character or traits. It existed just as before you held life on a steady hand of compromise. Just like train tracks are built before the train that was meant to take off.

This is a truth we choose to forget because we prefer the idea that reality is conceived through emotion and that it's far more interesting to expand to a fourth dimension. Live for your spiritual autonomy without the alteration of variables around you!


released February 2, 2015
All music by: Fernando Larsson,
Drums by: Raphiel Hernandez

Recording/Mixing/Mastering by: Carlos Rosa



all rights reserved


Statera San Juan, Puerto Rico

Instrumental/Progressive/Metalcore from the island of Puerto Rico. Statera stands for the individualism of the souls and the virtues of interconnected.

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